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Japanese Anime Realistic Silicone Sex Dolls | Vaginal Sex Dolls Adult Male Silicone doll


As In Image (+$0.00)
White Skin (+$0.00)
Tanned Skin (+$0.00)
Medium Skin (+$0.00)
Black Skin (+$0.00)
Full Body Heating System (+$249.00)
Body heating + Vagina Heater (+$249.00)
Moaning (+$249.00)
Shaking hips (+$599.00)
Vibrating chest (+$499.00)
Automatic retractable vagina (+$299.00)
Detachable vagina (+$79.00)
As in photos (+$0.00)
#1 (+$37.90)
#2 (+$37.90)
#3 (+$37.90)
#4 (+$37.90)
#5 (+$37.90)
#6 (+$37.90)
#7 (+$37.90)
#8 (+$37.90)
#9 (+$37.90)
#10 (+$37.90)
#11 (+$37.90)
#12 (+$37.90)
#13 (+$37.90)
#14 (+$37.90)
1 (+$29.90)
2 (+$29.90)
3 (+$29.90)
4 (+$29.90)
5 (+$29.90)
6 (+$29.90)
7 (+$29.90)
8 (+$29.90)
9 (+$29.90)
10 (+$29.90)
11 (+$29.90)
12 (+$29.90)
13 (+$29.90)
14 (+$29.90)
15 (+$29.90)
As in image (+$0.00)
Blue (+$37.90)
Cat Eyes (+$37.90)
Garnet (+$37.90)
Brown (+$37.90)
Amber (+$37.90)
Green (+$37.90)
Silver (+$37.90)
Solid (+$0.00)
Soft & Natural (+$99.00)
Jelly breast (+$99.00)
Standard Mouth (+$0.00)
Mouth with tongue (+$79.00)
Suckable Mouth (+$249.00)
Regular Skeleton (+$0.00)
EVO Skeleton (+$99.00)
Fully Articulated Hands (+$149.00)
Non-Standing Feet (+$0.00)
Stand-Up Feet (+$79.00)
Stand-Up Feet With Adjustable Protection Caps (+$99.00)
Sex doll repair glue (+$39.90)
Intelligent Cleaning Set (+$39.90)
Eyelashes (+$29.90)
Removable Tongue (+$29.90)
Vampire teeth and tongue set (+$159.00)
Vagina Cleaner (+$49.00)
Shemale Kit 15 cm (+$109.00)
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Product Details:
*Brand: BULULU
*Type: Male doll
*Function: vagina, anus, breast, chirality, foot
*Style: physical silicone doll
*Design: 1:1 real-life model, doll body with alloy frame, innovative ball head technology, legs can be rotated 180 degrees,
You can take any sexual position you want. The materials used are all globally certified environmentally friendly silicone, which is completely harmless and closer to real women.
Washing care:
*After use, wash the whole body of the doll with water, we will give you a special for vagina and anus
*After cleaning, wipe the body of the doll with a clean towel..
*After wiping clean, apply the skin care powder to the doll and put it in a cool place for next use.
Size message:

ANIME Sex Doll

Material: Extra Soft Platinum TPE
Note: The doll’s wrist joints are very weak, please be gentle while operating them.
Removable Head: Yes
Height: 150cm/XS
Skeleton: EVO skeleton by default.
Head Circumference: 35cm
Neck: 14cm
Shoulder: 20cm
Bust: 53cm
Under Bust: 34.5cm
Cup: F Cup
Waist: 33cm
Hips: 56cm
Thigh Length: 23cm
Thigh Circumference: 28cm
Low Leg Length: 23cm
Calf Circumference: 16cm
Upperarm Length: 13cm
Upperarm Girth: 13cm
Forearm Length: 12cm
Forearm Girth: 12cm
Feet: 13cm
Orifices: Vagina / Anus
Vagina Depth: 16cm
Anus: 14cm
Oral: Non
Weight: 8.3KG
Packed Weight (Cardborad): 10KG
Packed Weight (Flight Case): 20KG
Package Dimensions (Cardborad): 80cm*22cm*16cm
Package Dimensions (Flight Case): 90cm*33cm*32cm

Material: Platinum Silicone
Height: 140cm/XL
Breasts: Gel Filled By Default
Skeleton: EVO Skeleton By Default
Feet and hands: Hard feet and hands by default
Makeup: Same as photos
Weight: 28.5Kg
Neck Circumference: 21cm
Shoulder: 36cm
Bust: 75cm
Under Bust: 54cm
Cup: F
Waist: 52cm
Hip: 85cm
Thigh Length: 39cm
Thigh Circumference: 48cm
Low Leg Length: 38cm
Calf Circumference: 26cm
Upperarm Length: 21cm
Upperarm Girth: 21cm
Forearm Length: 20cm
Forearm Girth: 18cm
Feet: 21cm
Oral: Not Available
Vagina Depth: 16cm (Built-in Only)
Anal Depth: 16cm
Sex Openings: Anus / Vagina
Dimensions: 141cm*40cm*27cm
Packed Weight: 33Kg

Wig x1
USB heating rod x1
Wig comb x1
Vaginal cleaner x1
Gloves x1
Blanket x1
Erotic underwear x1
Panties x2
Stockings x2

Private transportation:
We take your privacy very seriously, so when we ship your package, we will indicate on the package: “plastic model” or “plastic toy” and use tape

Wrap the package from all directions. There is no text about sex products on the surface of the package. And patterns, please rest assured to buy! ! !

Dear, please contact customer service for detailed dimensions! ! !

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