Realistic Full Breasts

With the unique innovation of the TPE combination, the bosoms of Britney understand the similar condition of regular prolapse. Her boobs are delicate and flexible which is near the genuine feel and is the most ideal decision for bosom fun.

Beginner’s Best Choice of Sex Doll

Not excessively huge nor little, it’s an unquestionable requirement to get sex dolls for amateurs. Another extraordinary fun you will adore is getting Britney dressed. You can cuddle with her the entire night which is happy.

Detailed Pussy & Realistic Tunnel

The external labia has a milder, creased surface that makes it look genuine. Within burrow is loaded up with knocks and edges for a life-like surface which will give you an intriguing encounter.

Stable Skeleton & Human-like Skin

The customizable metal skeleton is exceptionally quite stable for different positions. In addition, she has back dimples and goosebumps, which significantly upgrades her legitimacy.

Body Measurements

Bust: 33.67inch/85.52cm

Waist: 21.36inch/54.25cm

Hip Circumference: 34.79inch/88.37cm

Height: 35.82inch/90.98cm

Weight: 50.83lb/23.06kg

Vaginal tunnel: 6.39inch/16.23cm

Anus tunnel: 5.44inch/13.81cm

Material: Body Safe High-End TPE, Stainless Steel. The tunnel material is elastic, it can fit into any size of dick.

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