Sex Doll | Male High Simulator Non-Inflatable Doll Full Silicone Live Girlfriend Adult Sex | Sarah


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Full Body Heating System (+$249.00)
Body heating + Vagina Heater (+$249.00)
Moaning (+$249.00)
Shaking hips (+$599.00)
Vibrating chest (+$499.00)
Automatic retractable vagina (+$299.00)
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Sex doll repair glue (+$39.90)
Intelligent Cleaning Set (+$39.90)
Eyelashes (+$29.90)
Removable Tongue (+$29.90)
Teeth and tongue set (+$159.00)
Vampire teeth and tongue set (+$159.00)
Vagina Cleaner (+$49.00)
Shemale Kit 15 cm (+$109.00)
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Product information
Product name:Sarah
Material: TPE

Main feature:
1, the chest is super large and super soft, soft nipples, chest can be injected with water, close to the real hand!
2, real people call the bed sound, high simulation 3D eyeball, heating rod simulation human hands and feet
3, integrated with pubic hair design, easy to install and easy to clean, easy to use!
4, hair implantable, the original is short hair, long hair to be equipped with
5, the default accessories are complete, one hymen free installation
6, accessories description: pump, lubricants, heating rods, repair kits, real human pronunciation, condoms;
7, height 160cm, measurements: 86cm 63cm 88cm, weight 3 kg, 300 pounds force;
 Comfortable and soft material, with high strength, high resilience, and plastic processing, environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, do not like to be stuck, even if you don’t need a sleeve
The appearance is realistic, the skin is soft and elastic, and the texture is closer to the real person’s feeling.
Due to the special technical treatment at the joints, you can do any random movements and pose in a variety of postures.
Seamless design technology, the shoulders and the body are connected like a real person! The old body and shoulders are separated, not only the inflating trouble but also the seams are obvious. New dolls, all adopt seamless design, choose us to choose new style
If you have any questions about the product, please communicate with us as soon as possible and we will try our best to solve it.
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