Unveil the mystery of future cloned sex robots

  In today's society, the topic of cloning is a topic that has attracted much attention and controversy. Whether we need to clone this technology in the future, and what aspects of human cloning technology can be used, let's talk about this topic today.


  For the term cloning, it originated in 1997. Dr. Ian Wilmut of the United Kingdom excitedly declared that he successfully cultivated for the first time with mammary gland cells taken from an adult sheep in July 1996. Created a cloned sheep-"Dolly". However, since then, experts have been controversial about this technology. Some people believe that the use of cloning technology to breed genetically modified sheep in large numbers can greatly reduce the cost of using genetically modified sheep to produce drugs. It will also solve the problem of morpholino in organ transplantation, which is conducive to the establishment of animal genetic models, which can be used to protect endangered animals like giant pandas, and even make it possible to regenerate extinct animals. But there are also people who worry that if cloning technology is mastered by people with wrong intentions and used to clone a group of war madmen, it will definitely bring misfortune to mankind! Human cloning may also cause considerable difficulties to household registration management and social security. Neither fingerprint identification nor DNA identification can distinguish human cloning.


 But today I’m going to talk about cloning sex robots. In May 2019, EXDOLL began to use 3D human body scanning technology to obtain the physiological data and information of the human body, and at the same time to reproduce the sex doll with exactly the same shape, from the brightness of the skin, the appearance of the hair, the blood vessels, and even the small Goose bumps up to 0.03mm are reproduced vividly. The blood vessels on the skin are looming under different light. This is undoubtedly good news for people who miss their deceased partners very much. Some... people who have lost their partners because of Covid, They want a doll to help through the process of grief, so be part of this healing process and know that it is worthwhile for us to really help people. In addition, the cloned sex robot can not only be reproduced on the appearance, but also can be fully simulated in terms of voice and expression. You only need to provide the voice and expression of the person who needs to be reproduced, and it can be exactly the same as the reproduction person.


 These have positive effects on the progress of mankind. Although for these functions, the future of cloned sex robots has a long way to go, but with the continuous advancement of technology, the future of cloned sex robots can be based on each individual. Customer wishes and requirements to meet customer needs.

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